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Moving Out in 4 Weeks?

Moving Out in 4 Weeks?
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Moving to a new location can be a stressful time filled with a million questions and seemingly no one has any answers. Because of this, we at Movers Springfield have created a move-in checklist to help you stay relaxed and on top of your transition to your new home. We will try our best to answer any questions you may have with our detailed step by step guide.

Moving Out T Minus Four Weeks

Start Notifying Businesses About Your Move

Four weeks before the big day is a great time to tell the necessary people or companies about your resettlement. These people may include:

Local Schools

Bank/credit companies

Current Landlord

Government Agencies

Utility Companies

Anywhere you hold subscriptions

Anyone who may be sending you important documents in the next few months

Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

Of course, you’ll want to give them your new address if you will still be using their services.

Collect Moving Boxes

Boxes are a necessity when it comes to moving out and there are plenty of ways of getting cheap if not free boxes. No matter where you find your boxes always be sure that the boxes you use are clean and in good shape. There is no point in getting boxes if your stuff is only going to end up dirty or crushed. Since you have quite a bit of time before the big day you won’t have to quickly throw things into boxes and can instead pack by an organized plan. This plan could consist of packing items according to the room they belong in, by size, or some other method. No matter how you pack, always label your boxes as clearly and as detailed as you think they need to be to ensure a smooth unpacking. If you need help packing, give us at Movers Springfield a call. Our team understands how to pack appropriately and efficiently and our process not only creates maximum security for your belongings, but our packing will guarantee no damage is done to your property. Decluttering and organizing prior to packing is essential to eliminating unnecessary boxes for a move. Our Movers Springfield professional packing service will use the least amount of boxes possible for your upcoming move so you’ll have less to stress about during unpacking.

Buy Furniture to be Delivered or Built

Purchasing furniture now ensures that there is plenty of time for it to be delivered to your new place as you’re ready to move in. You can sell your oversized, old furniture so then you won’t have to drag it to your new home and can instead get new furniture that will fit right in. If you have the furniture shipped to your new address, you won’t have to worry about moving them. It’s okay if the items are backordered or will take time to shift as you still have a month to before the big move in day.

We at Movers Springfield know how stressful moving can be so let us help you move smoothly into our Springfield, Illinois area so you can relax. We hope our checklist helps and that you’ll continue to our “Moving Out T Minus Three Weeks” article.
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