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J Werier

J Werier
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238 Princess St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1L6

What is J Werier & Co Ltd? How does this unusual business continue to exist out of a former Eaton's in the bustling Exchange District of downtown Winnipeg? There's four floors of disorganized housewares, fixtures, chemicals, and furniture. New and used items sold alongside each other, often with optimistic price tags and very little order. It's a place that can you go get new in box 8-Track cassettes that never sold or flash bulbs for cameras. It's a place you can buy antiques that are actually just old stock, it's a wonderful place. At their current state and lack of customers I can't imagine it's too long before this fantastic place becomes condo's or offices however it's an amazing source of wonder and has been for decades. Although the movie industry is aware of this shop and it's vintage oddities and does rent products from time to time, the entire place feels like a prop warehouse. A prop warehouse and a movie set at the same time.
Date: 2018-01-09 07:58:20

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